North Pole
14 days - Prices $25,995 - $43,995

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Ship(s): 50 Years of Victory

Trip Highlights:

Reach the North Pole aboard the largest, most sophisticated and powerful icebreaker ever built with helicopter flights, optional hot air balloon ride, and excellent guides.

Just Released Offer:

Save up to $2,000 per person.

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True experts with first-hand polar experience, the ExpeditionTrips staff has sailed on the ships they represent; with a combined amount of 100 Antarctic trips between them;and can help you thoroughly compare and contrast the expeditions.

Their approach to travel is highly personal and professional, offering unbiased travel assistance to ensure you choose the very best Antarctica trip to meet your needs!

ExpeditionTrips works only with the highest quality small ships-all under 200 passengers-ranging from a 48-passenger Russian research vessel to a 200-passenger luxury expedition ship.