Ross Island, Antarctica Topographic Map

Topo map of Ross Island, Antarctica.  Shows US McMurdo Station, New Zealand Scott Base and volcanic Mt. Erebus, 3794 m.


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By: United States Geological Survey
Scale: 1:250,000
Size: 36” x 24”
Contour Interval = 200M


This blue tone mosaic map covers all of Ross Island, Antarctica.  McMurdo and Ross Ice Shelves are marked and ocean depths are detailed. The Antarctic continent is covered from Cape Roberts to Cape Chocolate including the Royal Society and Asgard Ranges.  Also shown are the Blue, Ferrar and Wilson Piedmont glaciers as well as the Wright and Taylor Valleys, Lakes Bonney and Fryxell.

Sub-diagrams include: compilation, reference and adjoining map diagrams.


Mapped, edited and published by the US Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Science Foundation.
Compiled from US Navy tri-camera aerial photographs.
Hydrographic data by US Naval Oceanographic Office.









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