Antarctica (Nature) - Double Feature DVD

Double Program: The End of the Earth  and Under Antarctic Ice. (168 mins)

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DOUBLE PROGRAM (168 Minutes)

NATURE Takes You to the End of the Earth - and Below

PROGRAM I: Antarctica, The End of the Earth
   How cold is it in stark and forbidding Antarctica? It's so brutally cold that even its summer residents, the well-dressed penguins, seem to be shutting their eyes and shivering. Nevertheless, this extended program gives you a full blast of this fierce, remote, and yet astonishingly beautiful place, exposing the mighty forces that have shaped both the continent and the rest of the Earth as well. It looks into the face of the Katabatic, the wind that decimates life, resets the landscape, and creates new weather. It also confronts the area's icy natives, the icebergs. These million ton islands harbor an abundance of life forms but also hinder travel throughout the oceans. Finally, the program focuses on the scientists and explorers who go to the end of the earth to learn more about our past and our future.

PROGRAM II: Under Antarctic Ice
  Antarctica may be the world's only frozen desert. Beneath the oxymoronic surface  lies a huge body of stunningly cold and clear ocean water abounding with enchanting life forms and ice scapes. Risking temperatures cold enough to freeze blood, underwater filmmaker Norbert Wu takes a team down into the water to capture high definition video pictures of this hidden world. The team encounters creatures with electric features, jellyfish with 30 foot tentacles, sponges the size of large mammals, and gangs of ravenous seals, penguins and killer whales.  Wu brings you a part of the continent that even grizzled veterans of the place have never seen.

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