Penguins (Nature) DVD: Double Feature

The closer you get to the penguins, the more these "strange birds" will surprise you.

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112 Minutes
Program 1: Penguins of the Antarctic - In the most extreme place on Earth, the penguins of Antarctica soldier on. From male emperor penguins braving ninety-mile-per-hour winds and fifty-degrees below zero temperatures under sunless skies to brood their young to Chinstraps trying to make and island out of an ocean-swept iceberg, this compelling program captures remarkable footage of penguins as they cope with such harsh weather. Meanwhile, climatologists see an Artic in turmoil, and they are trying to determine what is changing and where. Penguins are tough animals. Will they be able to adapt? Rating TV-PG.

Program 2: The World of Penguins - From the scorching deserts of South America and the forests of New Zealand to suburban streets, penguins can be found in the most surprising locations, and their remarkable abilities have allowed them to conquer two worlds, land and water. This fascinating program etches a vivid portrait of how the world's different species of penguins nest, mate and raise their young under some of the toughest conditions on Earth. Meet the real penguins, which can be aggressive competitors as well as tendor and dedicated partners and parents. Rating TV-PG.

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