Antarctic Mission: Complete Series DVD/BluRay

This three-part series, breathtakingly shot in HD, documents the exploration of Antarctica's rapidly changing ecosystem and its implications for the future of our planet.   On BluRay too...

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2007 Coproduction Canada-France, Glacialis Production, Arte France, 13 Production
Approx. 150 minutes

One remarkable continent -- One unforgettable series

Featuring captivating cinematography of the Antarctic landscape, this exhilarating documentary series follows the crew of the Sedna IV as they study the wildlife of the Antarctic region.  Narrated by noted author and environmentalist David Suzuki, Antarctic Mission explores up close the fascinating worlds of Adelie penguins, elephant seals, black-browed albatross and more, examining the effects of climate change on their habitats.

DVD = $19.98
BluRay = $24.98

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