2008 USGS South Pole Marker Replica


Each is a unique and beautifully crafted pewter collectable.


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Antarctic Connection Exclusive!
These geographic location markers each have a story since they are designed by individuals working at the South Pole station.
The lines leading to 90*South are the longitudinal lines and the 54 points around the outside represent the 54 winter-over personnel at the station.
The Antarctic continent is raised in the center of the design and the longitude lines are raised above that for a 3D effect.
The geographic South Pole sits at 9300 feet (2835m) above sea level. Because the actual South Pole is covered by roughly 9000 feet (2700m) of moving glacial ice the surface mark actually moves approximately 30 feet (10m) annually. Each January 1st the position of 90 degrees south is re-determined and a new unique survey marker is erected.

* Replica Marker is 3 inches in diameter.
* All come with felt bottoms to keep from scratching surfaces. 

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