2013 USGS South Pole Marker Pin or Zipperpull
On January 1, 2013 the latest South Pole marker was unveiled.  Here are the pewter souvenirs that you've been waiting for. Be the first to review!
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An Antarctic Connection Exclusive

The original marker was both designed and fabricated by a 2012 winterover machinist. The marker features the astronomical symbols of the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as the Southern Cross, based on their positions in the sky on the 1st of January. The small copper star marks the South Pole. The large brass star represents astronomy and astrophysics research extending out past the solar system. The marker can be rotated to align the object positions based on the time of day. The motto inscribed above the Moon, "Accomplishment and Modesty" is a reference to honor Neil Armstrong, who passed away while he was making this section with the moon.

These pewter gifts are replicas of the original U.S. Geological Survey marker placed at the South Pole annually. The geographic South Pole sits at 9300 feet (2385m) above sea level. The actual South Pole is covered by roughly 9000 feet (2700m) of moving glacial ice and these layers move approximately 30 feet (10 m) annually. Each January 1st, the position of 90 degrees south is re-determined and a new, unique survey marker is erected.

* Both pin and zipperpull are 1 1/8" cast in fine pewter.
* Pin has military clutch back.

* Zipperpull has clasp to hang from any loop.

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2014 USGS South Pole Marker Zipperpull
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Our Price: $9.86
Retail Price : $10.95

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