North Circumpolar Region Map

A bird's eye view of the top of the world.

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By: Canada Map Office
Scale: 1:9,000,000
Size: 36 x 42.5 inches

This map shows the Arctic Ocean and all the lands north of 55 degrees, including the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, Siberia, Northern Europe, and Greenland.  Also shows bathymetry of the sea floor, named basins and ridges, shaded relief on sea and land, and limits of the tree line and sea ice.  All national boundaries are shown along with Canadian provincial and territorial boundaries and Canada's 200 nautical mile offshore Exclusive Economic Zone.  National capital cities are displayed along with other cities, towns, villages and hamlets; all have been updated to 2008.

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Patch - Mount Erebus
Antarctica's only active volcano with Castle Rock in foreground.

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Small but detailed peninsula map comes with carrying sleeve.

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Sticker - Vince's Cross
We call it 'affordable art'!
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