The Voyage of the Discovery - Vol II

Scott's First Antarctic Expedition...a facsimile reprint of the rare two-volume deluxe edition (of which only 1500 copies were ever printed)!

Only volume II is currently available.

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By: Captain Robert F. Scott

Cooper Square Press

Vol II: ISBN 0-8154-1151-0 (508 pages) $35.00
Illustrated with over 270 stunning photographs, drawings, panoramas and maps!

Book Description:

Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott, who died near the South Pole in 1912, initially won his fame with a remarkable trip to Antarctica in 1901, aboard the Discovery. During this journey, Scott became the first man to see the South Polar ice cap and achieved a new 'farthest south' record. He explored the continent from the air via balloon and made a trip across the frozen wastes with Ernest Shakleton. In Voyage of the Discovery, the only work he lived to see published, Scott tells of his exciting and at times horrifying journey, in which he and his men faced blizzards, snow-blindness, the deaths of two crewmates, and a ship so trapped by ice that only dynamite could free it.

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