Lively, humorous text and unforgettable photography make this book enjoyable for kids and adults.


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Author: Wayne Lynch
Paperback: 64 pages
Age: 9-12

Fun facts about these stocky birds from birth and rocky adolescence to adulthood. 

When field biologist Lynch went to visit the Antarctic, he unexpectedly fell in love with the penguins that inhabit the continent. His affection for his subject shines through in this appealing book, which covers the various species. Illustrated with well-captioned, excellent color photographs, the text introduces penguins in all stages of life and discusses how they evolved to be flightless, how they get around, where they live, what they eat, mating habits, and how young penguins gain independence. A map of the Southern Hemisphere pinpoints where the various species live. Filled with general information, the book will attract report writers, but it will also intrigue children, who may find themselves completely enamored by these unusual birds.

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