The World of the Polar Bear


A season-by-season account of the life of polar bears, including hunting, mating, rearing cubs and journeying to and from the ice.


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Author: Norbert Rossing
Paperback: 216 pages
3rd Edition


This book is a visual journey of discovery in which we witness a mother bear and her cubs emerging from their winter den, a fight between two large males plus arctic foxes, seals, walruses and everything from winter's sculptural snowdrifts to summer's delicate wildflowers.  The World of the Polar Bear offers the complete Arctic experience.


At once both stark and vibrant, the Far North is a land where beauty and harsh conditions coexist.  For over two decades, acclaimed wildlife photographer Norbert Rossing has traveled regularly to the Arctic and captured this unique world and its inhabitants with his camera.


"Norbert's work reaches deep into the soul of the Far North and tugs at our heartstrings to inspire us to become better caretakers of this precious planet that we live on." --Robert Buchanan, President, Polar Bears International

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