Happy Feet

Children ages 6-9 can use Happy Feet: The Essential Guide to relive the fun of the movie and to learn about the life of penguins in frigid Antarctica.
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Author: Glenn Dakin - DK Publishing
Paperback: 48 pages
Age: 6-9
Follow the zany, Antarctic adventures of Mumble, the tap-dancing penguin, as he seeks to solve the mystery of the food famine. This book is packed with fact-filled character profiles and full-color images that will both entertain and educate the reader.  Trace Mumble's journey on a four-page gatefold map of Antarctica, learn about the real depth of icebergs in a surprising drop-down flap, and read lots of facts about Mumble's real-life penguin counterparts in five fold-out flaps throughout the book.  Also discover more about the animals that Mumble encounters, from Adelie penguins and Orca whales, to leopard seals and skua birds.

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