Swimming King Penguin(s)

Imagine these penguins either sliding along on the snow or swimming. Available in two sizes!  Specially priced! Be the first to review!
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When you look at these penguins it's easy to imagine them sliding along on the snow, using their feet to push themselves along.  Then again, they could be underwater and swimming along at their high speeds in either a playful sort of ballet or in a frenzy to get food.  Just use your imagination and these incredibly soft penguins will keep you smiling for awhile.


King penguins are found on sub-Antarctic islands and are the second largest of all penguin species. They have long sharp bills, and unlike many  penguins, walk instead of hop. They hunt a variety of fish and squid, and use their flippers to propel themselves quickly through the water.  Instead of laying their eggs in nests, king penguins place their eggs on their feet to keep them off the ice.


Available in two sizes:
7 inch = $5.95
16 inch = $11.95

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