Falkland Islands Explorer Map (OE)

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By: Ocean Explorer Publications, 2002

Size: 30"w x 18"h (open)
Paper, Color, Folded

Scale 1:365,000

A visitor's map of the Falkland Islands including a handy plan of the central port of Stanley. This map is designed to appeal especially to passengers on cruise ships that visit the Falklands, but will also interest those who explore the archipelago in other ways. It is illustrated with 24 colour photos and 6 black and white pictures.

Double sided:
Full map and details on one side.
Wildlife, history & timline, general information on the other.

Illustrated biographies of explorers and other notable people
Historical time line
Color photos and text on wildlife
Details of many visitor sites
General information about the islands

The Falkland Islands The Falkland Islands are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, and are the same distance from the South Pole as Britain is from the North Pole. The nearest landmass is Tierra del Fuego, some 280 miles away in South America. The population is mainly of British descent and numbers about 2,500. There are 248 miles of roads in the Falklands, and no traffic lights. Special sections review major events in the past, such as the ' Lexington incident'" of 1831, when an American warship sacked the small South American settlement and declared the islands 'free of all government'. Also discussed are the Falklands Conflict of 1982, as well as the islands' geography, climate, political status and economy. A Historical time line, charting the islands' history from their discovery in the 16th century to the present day. There are also illustrated biographies of explorers and other notable people who have influenced the archipelago's history and development. A substantial section of the travel map covers the wildlife and plants of the Falklands, which are surprisingly varied and are one of the islands ' main visitor attractions. There are five or six species of penguins that regularly breed there and a number of other interesting sea birds. There are no native land mammals, although fur seals, elephant seals, and sea lions inhabit the shores and surrounding waters. An important feature are thumbnail descriptions of twenty of the most interesting visitor sites, as well as a listing of the various tourist accommodations, both fully catered and self-catering. The Falkland Islands boast the southernmost Anglican cathedral in the world and the southernmost British hotel.
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