Antarctic Arrival CD

Serene, peaceful and unaffected musical compilations. Be the first to review!
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By: Valmar Kurol and Marc-Andre Bourbonnais.

The visual and spiritual superlatives of Antarctica are frequently expressed through photography and books but to a lesser extent through music. What kinds of tunes and rhythms does the seventh continent inspire? Is there an Antarctic sound? This CD of musical interpretations of various facets of Antarctica, a collaboration with Marc-Andre Bourbonnais, is based on Valmar Kurol’s three visits to the frozen south.

The linear notes demonstrate the love that Kurol feels for the seventh continent. Indeed the devotion comes through on every track. The compositions are serene, peaceful and unaffected: much like the frozen south the images convey.

Here is music to escape with, to disappear from the bustle modern civilization has brought to the planet. Close your eyes and imagine the feelings of the first Antarctic explorers, see the ice floes and bergs floating majestically. Visualize the busy whimsical penguins and the soaring albatross.

"Kurol has captured the awesome beauty that he encountered in the linear photographs." "...stirs the soul in a way difficult to put into words." "This is indeed a tribute to the frozen land."

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