Shackleton's Voyage CD

Shackleton's Voyage is a musical interpretation of Sir Ernest Shackleton's legendary Antarctic expedition which turned into a survival story.

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Frank Bossert returns to his musical roots with his Eureka project telling the true story of Shackleton's sensational Antarctic expedition in the years 1914 to 1916.

As near death experiences go Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1916 ill fated Antarctica expedition is the stuff of the legends. Now, courtesy of Hamburg’s multi instrumentalist Frank Bossert and his Eureka project the expedition is the stuff of an excellent progressive rock album.

Frank Bossert left Hamburg in the early ’90’s to build his own studio in the North Sea town of Husun. His debut album Eureka emerged in 1997 and represented a now familiar range of celtic flavoured symphonic drama. Clearly living so close to the dramatic North Sea coastline had an inspirational effect on his music.

With Shackleton’s Voyage Bossert has again returned to nautical themes. The result is an absolute gem among this years prog rock releases.

Shackleton's Voyage tells the story through fifteen lavishly arranged tracks. Actor Ian Dickinson, narrates the dramatic story. Also involved is ex-Yes member Billy Sherwood who had been so impressed with Eureka that he contacted Bossert offering his help. He covers vocals on both "Going Home” and "The Challenge”. Meanwhile Yogi Lang of RPWL, mixed and mastered the album whilst also supplying the moog solo on "Heading South”.

This is an album so atmospheric that it will literally have you feeling the icy cold blast of the Antarctic. The album opens with a brief explanation from Ian Dickinson before "Departure” releases the joy and anticipation felt as the Endurance sets sail. Troy Donockley adds great swathes of celtic colour and as the album opens, and the ship leaves, you are literally swept away too.

Shackleton’s Voyage expertly brings it all vibrantly to life and allows us to touch the drama, feel the fear, shiver with the cold, and taste the grim prospect of death. It is a huge theme that needs a huge level of skill to do it justice.

Eureka hit every atmospheric target and successfully serve up a quality album that will have you frantically checking your toes for frostbite.

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