Necklace - Gentoo with Crystals

This Gentoo is quite fancy and flirty with crystals on either side of the pendant.

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By: Bamboo Jewelry

Three complementary clear Swarovski crystals line both sides of this Gentoo pendant.

A colorful celebration of nature, art and science!  This necklace is handcrafted using a foundation of sterling silver on which fine braided wire separates cells of color, and on which metallic powders, when fired in a kiln, transform into luminous glass.

Beautiful colored glass on a sterling silver base.  The reverse side is brushed with enamel to add strength and minimize tarnishing.

Approximate penguin size 1/2" tall; 16" to 18" adjustable sterling silver chain with Swarovski crystals.

All BAMBOO Jewelry is packaged in eco-friendly bamboo gift boxes; each with an information card detailing the piece, the designer and the company's green initiatives.  Perfect for gift-giving.

The bamboo for these gift boxes is plantation grown without irrigation, fertilizers, or pesticides; nor is it habitat for pandas.  Nearly all the silver in BAMBOO jewelry is recycled, and their goal is to use 100% recycled silver.  In 2007, they decided any environmental impacts they couldn't reduce to zero they'd offset with carbon credits, making BAMBOO Jewelry the world's first carbon neutral jewelry company.

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