Poster - Endurance Night Image

A hauntingly beautiful poster of the Endurance.
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Poster by: Classic Image Photos
Image by: Frank Hurley

The Endurance became firmly wedged in ice while on its way to Antarctica in 1915. Drifting in the ice pack for 6 months she was slowly being crushed and eventually sank. What followed was one of the great survival stories of Antarctic exploration. Shackleton then with a few of his men rowed an epic 800 miles in an open boat in the icy Antarctic waters to South Georgia to get help. Not one man was lost.

The quotation at the bottom of the poster reads:
Half blinded after the successive flashes,
I lost my bearings amidst hummocks,
bumping shins against projecting ice points
and stumbling into deep snow drifts.

This ghostly image of the Endurance by Frank Hurley (1885-1962) from the Shackleton Expedition of 1915-16 required some 20 flashes to expose the whole scene.

Image measures 22 3/8 inches tall x 16 1/2 inches wide and is on a 27 5/8 inch tall x 19 3/8 inch wide piece of high quality heavy weight "art-paper".  Image is printed in three colour sepia to reproduce all the tones as per the original photograph.

The edges of the image are reproduced rough as to match the original glass plate photography.

All posters come rolled.

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"She took a list of 30 degrees in 5 seconds” (Wordie, diary)

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