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Employment in Antarctica

How to Apply:

Application Tips:


  • Support contractors tend to start hiring in April for employment to commence in August-October of the same year.
  • Most positions are "summer-only" but decide ahead of time if you are interested in "summer-only" (Oct-Feb), "winter-only" (Jan-Oct) or an entire year. See our page "What It's Like."
  • Find the position(s) you are qualified for and submit an application only for what you are qualified for. (RPSC sets a max. of 5)
  • Send in a clean, typed or clearly printed application and resume. Target each for the position you are applying for. Don't shotgun them!
  • Fill in the application entirely - don't just write "see resume".
  • Lockheed prefers résumé's emailed (Word document) with no special formatting or bold type as they scan and electronically file each.
  • Visit Lockheed's website for more information: http://www.lockheedmartin.com. Here they offer applications for download.


  • Don't submit dozens of applications thinking you'll improve your chances, it's not the lottery.
  • Don't cold call a recruiter unless he/she has contacted you first.
  • Don't send in a sappy cover letter saying how bad you want to go to Antarctica.
  • Don't send in a photograph of yourself.
  • Don't expect receipt confirmation or follow up unless they are interested in you.
    * Lockheed receives thousands of applications for only a few hundred open positions each year.
  • Don't leave blanks on your application, explain what you were doing and when.

Submit Applications and Resumes to:

Lockheed Martin Antarctic Support Contract

Contact information:
Email: antarctic.support@lmco.com
Website: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/isgs/antarctica.html

Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.

Contact Information:
Email: resumes@phihelico.com
Website: www.phihelico.com
Phone: 337-235-2452
Fax: 337-272-4232
Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.
Attention: Recruiting - Human Resources Department
Post Office Box 90808
Lafayette, LA 70509