History of Antarctica


Visit our History Timeline for a complete visual layout of Antarctica's fascinating past. From the continent's first sighting through explorer accounts, station building, claims, treaties and tragedies.


Amundsen- Scott Race For The South Pole

By August of 1910, Amundsen was ready to make his own attempt to reach the South Pole, although all the world thought he was headed in the complete opposite direction. He had secretly ruled out attempting to reach the North Pole, because Americans Robert Peary and Frederick Cook had already laid claim to that feat.

Shackleton's Endurance Online Exhibit

Within eighty five miles of their destination, the Antarctic continent their ship Endurance was trapped and slowly crushed by pack ice. With no communication to the outside world their ordeal would last twenty months.


Belgica Expedition - 1897
his expedition successfully achieved two main objectives; the very first scientific research program carried out in this part of the globe and also the first expedition that spent the polar night caught among the ice blocks.