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The Antarctic Connection, LLC was founded in 1998 by Thomas and Gloria Hutchings (the same owners/founders of The Arctic Connection, LLC).  Combined, the Hutchings' have spent 100+ months working and living in both The Arctic and Antarctic. They are actively involved in managing and operating all aspects of both companies.

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New Year's Day
90-South, Geographic South Pole, Antarctica

Thomas Hutchings:

Managing Partner
Thomas founded The Antarctic Connection in 1998 in the midst of managing science projects for the United States Antarctic Program. After a 22 year career with the United States Antarctic Program he pioneered the virtual polar regions again by founding The Arctic Connection in 2012. Tom has been a project manager for large telescope and science projects in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

His love of these unique, spectacular, and fragile regions are what continue to steer his business ambitions. "I want others to have the opportunity to visit these spectacular areas, but in an eco-friendly manner. That is why we partner
only with educational and environmentally-conscious tour operators, and offer quality and functional clothing."


Gloria Hutchings:
gloria.jpg (5376 bytes)Managing Partner
As managing partner Gloria brings over twenty years of retail, merchandise and management experience to both The Arctic and Antarctic Connection stores.

Gloria's retail career includes Manager of Retail Operations for the U.S. Antarctic Program as well as Merchandise Manager for The Appalachian Mountain Club.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, she began her 8-year Antarctic career in 1990. Her "on-ice" tours includes six summer seasons at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, a summer at McMurdo Station, and a winter season at Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula.


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