Vostok Station

Nationality: Russia
Location: Vostok - an outpost if there ever was one - is located near the South Geomagnetic Pole, at the center of the East Antarctic ice sheet, where the flux in the earth's electromagnetic field is manifested.
Vostok Station
Vostok Station
History: It was built in 1957 (IGY) and named for one of Bellinghausen's two ships, Vostok (East). The station was resupplied by semi-annual tractor-train expeditions that took a month to travel the 868 miles (1400k) from the coast.
Information: The coldest recorded temperature on Earth, -128.6°F (-89.2°C) was measured here on July 21, 1983.
78°27'51"S 106°51'57"E
Altitude: 11,484 ft (3,500 m) above sea level
Average Annual Temperature: -67°F (-55°C)
Science: Although this is a Russian research station, scientists from all over the world conduct research here. One of the primary projects at this site, a coordinated Russian, French and American effort, is drilling an ice core through the 3,700 m thick ice sheet. This ice core contains climate records for almost half a million years before present.
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Wildlife: None, other that an occasional lost & desperate skua.