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Check your cruise information package:
Most tour operators provide some clothing. If provided, we recommend using their parkas, pants and boots but you'll want to bring your own baselayers, midlayers, and accessories.



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WHAT TO PACK - Clothing:

Bring casual and practical attire for your trip that can be worn in layers, including:


  • Parka/Coat: Light-Mid Weight, waterproof/breathable shell jacket (roomy enough for a fleece mid-layer)
  • Fleece Jacket: 200-weight fleece or performance mid-layer for the colder days
  • Baselayer Top: Merino wool, silk, or polypropylene underwear is highly recommended
  • Tops - Other: Comfortable cotton or similar for general everyday use on board and while in transit

  • Shell Pants: Light-Mid Weight waterproof/breathable shell pants (roomy enough for a base-mid layer)
  • Mid-Layer Bottom: 100-200 weight fleece or performance layer
  • Baselayer Bottom: Merino wool, silk, or polypropylene "long-johns"
  • Bottoms - Other: Casual pants or jeans for general everyday use on board and while in transit

  • 2 Hats: One warm hat that covers your ears, and one thinner liner-cap for warmer days
  • Mittens and Gloves: Thin liner gloves under warm mittens works best. Bring extras
  • Stockings: Merino wool works great! 3-4 pair of mid-weight tall socks. High enough to avoid chaffing
  • Boots: Mid-height waterproof, insulated boots, such as Bogs




There are a few "must have" items when traveling to Antarctica. Such as:


  • Bathing Suit: Some trips offer a "cool dip" option, some have pools
  • Sunscreen/Lipbalm: Antarctica is the driest and sunniest continent on earth
  • Motion Medication: Across the Drake Passage can be "bumpy"

  • Day/Back Pack: Sturdy day-pack for extra clothes, camera, water, etc.
  • Sunglasses: All that snow is extremely bright. UV protected is a must
  • Camera: With lots of batteries, extra storage, consider a backup camera
  • Binoculars: You may not get close enough to pet the wildlife
  • Wildlife Guide: To identify all the wildlife you'll see

  • OTHER:
  • Dress Clothes: While in transit, also some cruises offer a "formal dinner night"
  • Zip-Lock Style Plastic Bags: For anything you just can't get wet but want ashore