When to go

When to Travel to Antarctica

Mid-December to Mid-February We're partial to the Peak Season as the seas and weather are typically calmer, the wildlife is abundant, and the days are warmer and longer.

The "Shoulder Seasons" have their advantages and disadvantages, cost savings, and typically more availability. Below we list the main points to each season.

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Early Season: November to Mid-December


  • Cruises are less expensive and less crowded (i.e. more availability)

  • Landing sites are less disturbed and more pristine

  • Icebergs are more dramatic



  • Temperatures tend to be colder and seas somewhat rougher

  • Fewer daylight hours (although relative to latitude)

  • Less wildlife viewing



Peak Season: Mid-December to Mid-February


  • Most spectacular time for scenery and wildlife viewing (penguin egg-hatching season)

  • Longer daylight hours (nearly 24 hours of light)

  • Sea travel tends to be calmer



  • Cruise prices are at their highest

  • Less availability and booking can be more difficult

  • Landing sites more disturbed



Late Season: Mid-February through March


  • Cruise prices are typically cheaper and more available

  • Pack ice tends to be melted allowing further travel south

  • Wale watching is at it's best



  • Temperatures start to drop and daylight dwindles

  • Penguins tend to be at sea more

  • Landings can be a bit messy from prior tourists


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