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Best places to go in Antarctica?

Antarctic Peninsula: The most spectacular scenery, most abundant wildlife, ease of travel, and most popular location.

Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Islands: The islands support a rich fauna of seals, penguins and marine birds as well as a variety of mosses and lichens.

Ross Sea: Rich in wildlife, history, and research stations. Home to Antarctica's only active volcano. Easier access from New Zealand and Australia.


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Antarctic Peninsula

By far the most popular and scenic part of Antarctica. With an abundance of wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the warmest part of the continent it's easy to see why this is the most popular destination.




Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Islands

Equally stunning in beauty and abundant wildlife, the islands off the Antarctic Peninsula can be destinations in themselves.




Ross Sea & Vicinity

It is teeming with large predatory fish, whales, seals, penguins and other animals that collectively comprise the last intact marine ecosystem on Earth. As such, the Ross Sea is a living laboratory providing scientists with the last chance to understand how a healthy marine ecosystem functions.



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