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Crew of the H.M.S. Endurance (August 8, 1914 - August 30, 1916)

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Leader - Sir Ernest Shackleton
Second-in-Command - Frank Wild
Captain - Frank Worsley
First Oficer - Lionel Greenstreet
Nnavigator - Hubert T. Hudson
Second Officer - Thomas Crean
Third Officer - Alfred Cheetham
First Engineer - Louis Rickinson
Second Engineer - A. J. Kerr
Surgeon - Dr. Alexander H. Macklin
Surgeon - Dr. James A. McIlroy
Geologist - James M. Wordie
Meteorologist - Leonard D. A. Hussey
Physicist - Reginald W. James
Biologist - Robert S. Clark
Official Photographer - James Francis Hurley
Official Artist - George E. Marston
Motor Expert and Storekeeper - Thomas Orde-Lees
Carpenter - Henry McNish
Cook - Charles J. Green
Able Seaman - Walter E. How
Able Seaman - William Bakewell
Able Seaman - Timothy McCarthy
Able Seaman - Thomas McLeod
Able Seaman - John Vincent
Fireman - Ernest Holness
Fireman - William Stevenson
Stowaway (later steward) - Perce Blackborow


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