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Authentic Canada Goose Outerwear
Known for their quality products, Canada Goose, is the one to keep you warm.

- New! Squadron Jacket
- Expedition Parka
- Heli-Arctic Parka
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Cherry: A life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Sara Wheeler's biography brings to life this great hero of Antarctic exploration and gives us a glimpse of the terrible human cost of adventures.
Cherry is the first biography of this soul searching explorer, written with unrestricted access to his papers.


Life in the Freezer Video
What does it take to survive in the coldest place on Earth? For Weddell seals, enduring Antarctic winters means staying under water – where, even at subzero temperatures, it’s warmer beneath the ice. Renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough leads you on a spectacular journey through this remote, ice-covered continent. See how savage winds chisel away solid granite boulders, mummify a 3000-year-old seal, and force emperor penguins to huddle together to protect their eggs.

12 inch Emperor Penguins
Wild Republic designs each species and pose with input from the National Audubon Society, that adds an educational aspect unique to their products.
The regal Emperor penguin is the largest of all the penguins. They remain in Antarctica permanently, breeding on the sea ice in some of the coldest conditions on Earth. Ours is looking for a warm home...


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Stainless Travel Mug

It's hard to enjoy cold coffee... we can you end the problem of having cold coffee to begin with. Our stainless mug will keep your hot beverage Hot (and your cold beverage Cold - if that's what you prefer). The tapered bottom lets it fit into most car cup holders and it has an amusing penguin screened on it! All this for only $12.95!





Penguins, Penguins, and More Penguins
Stuffed, Mousepads, Books, Posters, Figurines, Puzzles, Jewelry, Collectibles and more!
See our entire penguin collection

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Icebreaking News
·Boehlert Gets Close Look At Antarctic Program-U.S. Rep. Sherwood Boehlert and 12 other U.S. lawmakers are getting a firsthand look at U.S. research facilities in the South Pole.
The group wants to gauge the return on the U.S. investment of more than $1 billion in facilities and research under the U.S. Antarctic Program, a scientific research program.....(more)

·Hunt on for Minke Idol-While the Japanese whaling fleet continued its hunt for more than 930 minke whales in the Southern Ocean, researchers sailed for Antarctic waters yesterday to record the songs of the minke for the first time.

More 60 scientists from 12 nations, including Japan, are taking part in a $7 million research voyage aboard the Australian Antarctic Division's Aurora Australis....(more)

In what year did Magellan pass through the strait that now bears his name?


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