map-caseyNationality: Australia

Location: East Antarctica.
It is located at 66°17′ S 110°31′ E- just outside the Antarctic Circle – and is the third Australian station to occupy a site on Vincennes Bay.

History: Casey station was established in February, 1959, when Australia took overall responsibility for the US Wilkes station, built in 1957 for the IGY and named for Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, leader of the US Exploring Expedition. Ten years later when its main building was covered over by snow, Australia replaced Wilkes with Casey station, 2 mi (3k) to the south and across the bay on Bailey Peninsula. In 1988 a replacement Casey Station was opened, following the decommissioning of the old Casey Station.Science: Atmospheric Sciences, Biology, Ecosytems, Glaciology, Human Impacts, Medical

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Wildlife: Elephant, Crabeater, Ross, Leopard and Weddell Seals, Emperor and Adelie Penguins, Albatross, Petrels, Fulmars, Skuas, Gulls and Terns

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