Expedition Leader: Will Cross, 35

Team: Mike Cross, 60; Jerry Petersen, 36; Dr. Bret Goodpastor, 35; Chris Thomas; Bernie Hollywood

Destination – South Pole: New Year’s Day 2003
Point of Origin – Hercules Inlet
A small team will trek to the South Pole, a journey lasting 60 days and covering 730 miles.

November, 2002

The Ultimate Walk to Cure Diabetes seeks to raise signifcant funds for juvenile diabetes research by trekking to the South Pole. The money raised will be distributed through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help them find a cure for Type I diabetes. The JDRF is the premiere research foundation dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes.

The expedition team will travel on skis over some of the most rugged terrain in the world. During the 60-day trek, they will pull 150 lb. sleds for over 700 miles.

The primary goal is to raise money to accelerate research for the cure of diabetes. All team members have diabetes in their daily lives. Diabetes affects over 16 million Americans. This disease is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks and amputations in the United States. More people will die this year of diabetes than they will die of breast cancer and AIDS combined.

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