Expedition Leaders: Mike and Fiona Thornewill
Team: Leaders + 4 novices

Team: Mike Cross, 60; Jerry Petersen, 36; Dr. Bret Goodpastor, 35;
Chris Thomas; Bernie Hollywood

Destination – South Pole
Point of Origin – 88* 23 S

December 2007

In 1907 Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton mounted the first significant attempt to walk to the South Pole. Together with companions Adams, Marshall and Wilde, he reached the furthest point south ever achieved at latitude 88’23”S. However, with food running short, Shackleton had to make an immortalising decision:
either turn back or die.

During late December 2007, the team will be flown from Punta Arenas at the southern tip of South America to the Antarctic base camp at Patriot Hills. After a few days further preparation we shall fly by Twin Otter to latitude 88’23 S. – Shackleton’s furthest South. The team will then live under canvas, travelling on ski, towing sledges of supplies 112 statute miles to the South Pole.


  • To celebrate Shackleton’s 1907 expedition to the South Pole by walking to the Pole from the latitude where he turned back.
  • To create an unique opportunity for four inexperienced people to meet the extreme challenge of completing Shackleton’s 1907 route to the South Pole. Those qualifying will receive suitable training.
  • Novices taking part in challenges like this, invariably develop life-changing skills. Their extreme circumstances enable a re-discovery of many positive and basic human qualities. They acquire new capacities for: Leadership, teamwork and perseverance. In time, their ability to ‘think without limits’ spins off among others. Such people inspire how everyone can achieve when we set a goal and apply ourselves to that purpose.
  • We believe our endeavour should also benefit the community at home so one can donate to the Make a Wish Foundation to support this worthy cause.


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Contact telephone number is 44 1623 631620

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