map-macquarieNationality: Australia

Location: Macquarie Island is a sub-Antarctic island located in the Southern Ocean at a latitude of 54° 30′ south, 158° 57′ east.

Part of the state of Tasmania, it is 1500 kilometers south east of the island of Tasmania and 1300 kilometers north of the Antarctic continent.

History: Australian Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson, who first visited Macquarie Island in 1911, called it “one of the wonder spots of the world.” The first recorded sighting of Macquarie was on July 11, 1810, when Captain Frederick Hasselborough of Sydney on the sealing brig Perseverance raised it.

Science: Biology, Geosciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Human Impacts, Mapping, Human Biology, Medicine

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Wildlife: Macquarie is home to a large variety of wildlife. Elephant and Fur seals breed on the island as do Royal, King, Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins. The Royal Penguin is endemic to Macquarie Island. Other fauna of the island includes Skuas, Petrels and a number of different types of Albatross. There are no trees on the island although the island is covered by tussock grass and other plants.

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