map-sanaeNationality: New Zealand

Location: Scott Base is located at Pram Point on Ross Island (latitude South 77° 51´ East 166° 46´), 838 miles (1353k) from the South Pole and one mile from McMurdo Station (US). It is managed by the New Zealand Antarctic Institute, Antarctica New Zealand

History: Scott Base was constructed for New Zealand’s participation in the International Geophysical Year and Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition and was officially opened on January 20 1957. Although designed for a life of only a few years, the value of Antarctic research was soon recognized and a base rebuilding program began in 1976. Today only one building of the original Scott Base remains, the TAE hut, which contains material recording New Zealand’s involvement in Antarctica since 1957.

Information: A clean and attractive collection of lime green buildings, which accommodates 10 winter-overs and up to 80 people in the summer. Most of its buildings are linked by all weather corridors. Compared to McMurdo Station (US), 1 mile away, Scott base looks trim and tidy.Science: Antarctica as a Global Barometer; The Southern Ocean; Life in Extreme Environments; Human Influences In/ On Antarctica; and The Connections between Antarctica and New Zealand.


Wildlife: King Penguins, Emperor Penguins, Adelie Penguins, Weddell Seals, Antarctic Skua

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