map-southpoleNationality: United States

Location: 90° South. Located almost in the very center of Antarctica. South Pole Station is supplied by LC-130 airplanes from McMurdo Station.

History: The station was established in 1957 for the International Geophysical Year under Paul Siple, first station scientific leader. It continued to function year-round until January 1975, when the present station was occupied. The new station is about 350 meters from the true Geographic South Pole.

Information: The station is at an elevation of 9,300′ (2900m), however the equivalent pressure elevation, based on polar atmospheric conditions, will vary from 10,800(3300m) to 13,120 (4,000m).

Science: Scientific research at the station falls into the general disciplines of upper-atmosphere physics, meteorology, earth sciences, geophysics, glaciology, biomedicine, and astrophysics.

Website: Wildlife: None, other that an occasional lost & desperate skua.

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