Leading at the Edge

Leadership lessons from the extraordinary saga of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition.
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By: Dennis N. T. Perkins, Margaret P. Holtman and Paul R. Kessler
ISBN: 0-8144-0543-6
Pub: Amacom

Hardcover: 268 pages
Size (roughly): 6" x 9" x 1"

One of the greatest survival stories of all time...one of the most extraordinary leadership sagas.....now translated into a set of powerful strategies for corporate leaders.

In 1914, the intrepid explorer Ernest Shackleton boarded the Endurance with his team of seamen and scientists, intent upon crossing the unexplored Antarctic continent. What happened in the two years between their departure and their final, improbable rescue has rarely been matched in the annals of survival: a ship crushed by expanding pack ice....a crew stranded on the floes of the frozen Weddell Sea....two perilous journeys in open boats across a raging Southern Ocean....a team marooned on the wild, forlorn Elephant Island, stretched to the limits of human endurance.

But through each phase and each day of this harrowing expedition, Shackleton led his crew with unsurpassed vigor, creativity, and insight. It's a leadership story that resonates in the world of business today, where cutthroat competition, rapid change, and constant demands of innovation have forced even prosperous companies to the edge of survival.

Leading at the Edge is the first book to translate this remarkable story through the lens of business - to reveal 10 lessons on what it takes to be a great leader. Complete with gripping survival accounts, contemporary business case studies of the principles in action, and practical guidelines for implementing the strategies, these powerful lessons will help you reach new heights in individual and organizational performance.

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