Auroras: Fire in the Sky
Auroras: Fire in the Sky


A visual feast documenting the kaleidoscopic colors that decorate the night sky.


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Author: Dan Bortolotti
Plastic laminated hardcover
144 pages

 Gorgeous full-color images by Yuichi Takasaka and remarkable NASA photographs offer a celebration of nature's spectacular light shows.

High above our planet's surface, charged particles from the Sun perform an intricate dance with the atoms and molecules in our atmosphere, all directed by the Earth's magnetic field.  The result is the beautiful colored light we call the aurora.  For thousands of years, the polar lights have fascinated, intrigued and terrified humans who struggled to understand their cause.  Today, although scientists can at least explain the physics behind the phenomenon, the sight of a swirling, glowing aurora in the night sky continues to be a magical experience.


Complete with a fact-filled yet accessible text that reflects on the folklore, science and beauty of the northern lights, Auroras is where science meets the stuff of dreams.