Penguin's Family
Penguin's Family
A story of a Humboldt Penguin chick growing up and going out on his own.  This micro book with plush toy is suitable for pre-school ages to grade two.
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Author: Kathleen Hollenbeck
Hardcover: 32 pages: 5 7/8" X 4 3/4"
Age: pre-school to grade two

Toy: 5" Humboldt Penguin

A baby penguin breaks out of its shell in a cave off the coast of Peru. As Penguin grows older, he is looked after by his father and mother. They protect him from hungry sea birds and provide him with food. Now, Penguin must learn to swim. As Penguin leaps into the frigid water, his parents watch. Will Penguin be safe on his own?

Part of the Smithsonian Oceanic Collection these books explore the creatures that live in our oceans and on the shores. They are meant to foster an early appreciation and understanding of wildlife and habitats so that children will grow to respect nature and the environment as adults.

Toys authenticated by Smithsonian Institution curators for realism.

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