Life on the Ice: No One Goes to Antarctica Alone

Not just a stunning panorama of this frozen wilderness but also a portrait of the people who live there. Be the first to review!
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Author: Roff Smith
208 pages

Forbidding, vast, spectacular, lonely: each is a word that springs to mind when we think of Antarctica. A world of endless ice, remote mountain ranges, and weather so fierce that only the hardiest of explorers could hope to meet its many challenges. There is a great deal of truth to that vision, and this evocative chronicle does full justice to the harsh nature and unimaginable scale of our planet's southernmost continent.

But there's another Antarctica, too, that comes alive in Roff Smith's vivid pages, a place of extraordinary beauty that can capture the imagination and lure men and women back year after year as confirmed  citizens of the far flung yet tight knit community explored in this remarkable book. 

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