Antarctica: Life on the Ice

What is it like to live and work in the coldest, harshest climate on earth? Susan Fox Rogers' collection gives us a bit of insight into this.

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264 pages
The newest collection from outdoorswoman and writer Susan Fox Rogers brings together twenty scientists, writers and workers who tell their dramatic, funny, sometimes moving tales of daily life amidst the ice, the beauty and the isolation of Antarctica.
In an anthology that sparkles with drama, pathos and wit, Rogers presents these first-person accounts, including her own, of adventure and labor, optimism and grit, camaraderie and solitude.  Antarctica: Life on the Ice is a testament to the most enduring and enigmatic human experience on Planet Earth.

Antarctica’s legend as a fascinating, forbidding place is confirmed and expanded in these insider articles. Covering everything from "Happy Camper School” to washing dishes to what it’s like to fall in love in a place where the sun never goes down (or never comes up), these articles limn a world of colorful characters (human and otherwise) and breathtaking backdrops. The humor runs high here in work by Karen Joyce, who recounts an odd afternoon when it "rained chickens,” and Glenn Grant, who riffs on the dreaded "psych test.” Some of the contributors are award-winning travel writers: Bill Fox, for example, leads a pithy tour through the remote base McMurdo, while Lucy Bledsoe tells of looking for krill and finding dinosaur bones instead. Other contributors are newbies who vividly conjure the region’s extraordinary sights, from gale-force winds and magnificent glaciers to mummified seals and charming penguins.

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