Terra Antarctica
Terra Antarctica

Looking Into The Emptiest Continent.  William L. Fox has traveled to the world's harshest places to explore the process by which humans convert empty terrain into meaningful territory.

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Author: William L. Fox
Paperback: 328 pages

How does the human mind transform space into place, or land into landscape?  For more than three decades, Fox has looked at empty landscapes and the role of the arts to investigate the way humans make sense of space.  In this book we are taken to the Antarctic, the "largest and most extreme desert on earth," an alien landscape with a relatively brief human history.  Interweaving artistic, cartographic, and scientific images with anecdotes from his three-month journey in the Antarctic, Fox creates an absorbing narrative of the remote continent.  Through its images, history...and firesthand experiences -- snowmobile trips through whiteouts and his icy solo hikes past the edge of the mapped world -- he brings to life a place that few have seen and offers us a look into both the nature of landscape and ourselves.

"Thoughtful and enjoyable...Fox's uniquely fasahioned chronicle of Antarctica brings into sharper focus the crucial symbiosis between art and science." --Booklist